Permission to be Creative

Come close.  Real close.  I have a secret.

(I'm a creative.  I'm a creator.)

What?  That's not a surprise.  Sorry.

Seriously, that label.  Creative.  Creator.  Artist.  Writer.  I've struggled with it for years.  

I can't tell you how many times I had the thought that I have something to say and then the very next thought tells me that it's not worth it.  The thoughts tell me that someone else has already said it. That their blog post got way more views.  That they already have a podcast about that.  

Do you hear those thoughts too?  Do you give in to them?  

I do.  Too often.

And then I had this thought the other day.

That maybe, just maybe, those thoughts that I think- those ideas that I have and those dreams that I dream- that maybe they're not mine.  Maybe they never were.  Maybe I was given them for a time. Maybe I'm just a steward of them.  Maybe I'm not supposed to worry about page views or book sales or social media followers.  Maybe I'm not supposed to be concerned with those things.  Maybe I'm just supposed to write, to create, to be creative.

Do you ever feel like that?  I hope so.  Because I'm talking to you.

Lend me your ear for a second.

You, the one who's worried of what other people will think if you write what's been on your heart.

You, the one who's written hundreds of pages in a journal and just needs the courage to show it to one person.

You, the one who's been doodling in a notebook and you really wish you had the guts to enter your drawings in that art contest.  

You, the one who wants to start a blog but you have no clue where to start.

You, the one who wants to start that business with that idea you came up with in the shower the other day.  

Listen to me. Take the leap.  Take the chance.  It's words on a page.  It's ink a canvas.  It's keystrokes. That's all it is.  

But maybe, just maybe, it's something more.

Maybe it's your story that will touch someone else and give them the courage to share their story, which will then touch someone else. You have to think of it like that.

You have been given this one life.  You have been entrusted with these few breaths and these few synapses firing in your brain.  Use them well.  Steward them well.

I'm giving you permission to call yourself creative.  I'm giving you permission to call yourself an artist.  You have my permission to call yourself a writer.

Maybe you don't do it for a job.

Maybe you don't have many social media followers.

Maybe only one person reads your post or sees your art.

Maybe you don't ever make the New York Times Bestseller list.

Maybe your work never ends up in a famous art gallery.

Maybe you never sell a painting.

But maybe you do.

And maybe, just maybe, there's someone on the other side of your computer screen who needs to hear what you have to say.  Maybe someone in your town needs to read your article in the newspaper. Maybe someone will be blessed by your art.

But they can't be if you don't ever take the leap and take the chance.  You have to do that first.

That leap, that chance.  It's necessary.  And it's worth it.

You are worth it.  He is worth it.  The One who gave you those thoughts, those dreams and those ideas.  He is worth it. And He thinks you are worth it.

That's why He gave them to you.

So go, be creative.  Make something.  Write something.

Let your brave begin.  Today.