Hello, I'm Kerry Ann

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I'm so glad you're here.  I'm so glad that somehow you found this space.  This space is sacred. At least to me, it is.  It's where I spell out this story.  It's where I live out and describe His glory.  

I only have this one life.  It's all I've been given.  There is no do-over and there is no rewind button.  This little space of the internet is where I live it out.

I write words.  During the day, I wipe noses and teach math around my dining room table but at night and in the still darkness of the early morning, I write words.  Some of those words are lucky enough to be read by beautiful people like you.

I’m also passionate about equipping men and women to be the gatekeepers of their homes. I do this through a Facebook group where we encourage each other to live less toxin-filled lives.

This, this right here, is where it all comes together.

Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while. Click the contact button below or find me on the social medias and let’s connect.